Welcome to Capture The Moment Photography

Photographer- Christine Green

christine green photographerI started Capture the Moment Photography in 2000, since that time ,the one thing that remains the same is change/ everything changes,even I have changed/ I have adapted to a new way of thinking- In this process I keep the older clients and still gain new friends as clients ,and having them think of you when they need pictures to be taken. Since I have accomplished that, its nice to see them year after year when family grows and anniversaries or family reunions sprout up. 1st you need to find a person that clicks with you and makes you feel comfortable, if we do then everything will come together. All you need to is enjoy your day and let me do the rest. In the end your photos will tell your story.

Photography can be whatever your budget allows- large or small  lets talk you will be surprised at what you can get for the budget you have set and isn’t that what its all about

I would love to hear from you, lets make your next photography session what ever it may be enjoyable and relaxing and most of all fun!

“I Love What I do, It’s not a job it’s a Passion!”

I pride myself on both being a professional photographer as well as  leaving a lasting personable impression.After each session,no matter what type of photographs are taken,I always get a hug and smiles.

Contact us today to book a photo session or to request additional information.

My community Work I am a Rotarian in the noon Rotary Club of Dundas

My personal Life

I have been married to an amazing guy for 41 years imagine that! Keith and I have each other backs- laugh  together and the best thing is we like the same things when it comes time to buy anything.