Friends of ours daughter, Hannah had her Bridal Shower and I was the lucky person to photograph it for her. I have not been to one in so long I have forgotten what goes on.It was hilarous.When you came you were given a ring to wear, but you were not allowed to say wedding or bride if you did you lost your ring there were 2 winners,I lost since I kept saying I was taking their wedding pictures. Another game you were asked a question about the bride or groom or the couple that was fun. Then 3 people were chosen to be a bride one was the bride, then 2 others were to help,they were given 4 rolls of bathroom tissue and had 5 min to dress the bride in a wedding gown the photos will tell it all.

Around the room she had stuff for a mini photo booth / a jar for you to write a wish for the couple and paper to write some words of wisdom. To top off the day we were treated to sandwiches / drinks/ and carrot cake. We took home a bar a soap that looked like a piece of cake which smelled awesome.In the end I rounded her up and took the gang and then the family, what a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Can’t wait to photograph her wedding day next year. Congrats Hannah and Conner