Hi everyone , Kevin from the Dundas Museum asked me if I would take a walk down town Dundas to show our Town once we were told to stay home and that all non essential stores were to close. This took 2 days of walking around I did not get everywhere but now I will go back out and show the rest of the town.
It is very eerie to walk about and be the only one, it was like walking into a si-fi movie wondering what happened to the town,and where did everyone go.

To see the photos go to cmphotos.net click on store gallery id Covid192020 password 2020

there were over 156 to hard to pick any for a blog I wanted too many. If you liked them please give me a like I also have this on my facebook page
Thank you Kevin for giving me this journalism assignment to cover, hope its what you wanted. This was done the end of March